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Signal Wizard Instant Digital Filter Design

Pittsford, NY. Signal Wizard II(TM) is a unique new, real-time DSP-based filter design system for conditioning audio bandwidth signals with exceptional sharpness. Its combined hardware and software enables design engineers, more familiar with analog filter design, to achieve significantly superior results - and without any DSP expertise! ...


Every DAQ System Deserves Well-Conditioned Signals

The Signal Wizard 2.5 available from Saelig was described by Alan Lowne, the company’s president: "This is an integrated hardware/software system that provides high-performance DSP-based filtering.


Signal Wizard real-time DSP research

A Signal Wizard unit includes the high-level PC-based software interface that designs the filter or processing operation according to the user's requirements, a hardware module based on an advanced digital signal processor connected to the PC via an interface and a low-level firmware operating system...


Signal Wizard 3.0 - Powerful audio signal processor

Signal Wizard 3.0 is a very powerful audio signal processor that features multichannel synchronous processing. It can mix, amplify, filter, delay and adjust the phase of individual input signals, selected by using the included intuitive PC software...


Saelig Introduces Powerful Multichannel Audio Signal Processor

Featuring multi-channel synchronous processing, Signal Wizard 3.0 can mix, amplify, filter, delay, and adjust phase of individual input signals, selected via PC software. Unit features 24-bit, 96 kHz codec, with 6 analog input and 8 analog output channels...


Signal Wizard 3.0 Powerful Multichannel Audio Signal Processor

The Signal Wizard 3.0 design features six analog and two digital (S/PDIF) audio input channels, a first stage flexible 8 x 8 mixer unit, a multichannel gain stage, a multichannel filter/phase stage, a multichannel delay, a final stage flexible 8 x 8 mixer unit, and eight analog and two digital audio output channels.



Real time digital emulation of the acoustic violin using vSound (Paper 3.3.3)

Demonstration of the vSound violin emulation

Between Sunday 27th September and Wednesday 30th September 2015, the Galpin Society, in association with the Institute of Acoustics and affiliated with the Royal Musical Association, will be running a conference on all aspects of Musical Instruments at the Faculty of Music of the University of Cambridge.


How to get the Stradivarius sound from any violin (and better hi-fi)

They have developed an electronic device that takes the violin sound picked up by a microphone and alters it electronically to give the "Strad" tone. They say the digital processing software can be adapted for other uses, such as filtering hiss on records and improving hi-fi output.


Scientists wired for sound

Acoustic experts at Manchester University have found a way to make computers mimic the legendary violins' unique sound...



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