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Soundtrack is a wave (WAV) file processing and editing software package. It can perform many of the signal processing functions offered by commercial packages. Soundtrack also incorporates the Signal Wizard filter design engine, allowing sophisticated filters to be implemented with just a few key strokes. It is an ideal package to use in a learning environment, since many key DSP operations taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level can be executed using its simple menu structure.


Operating System



Finite Impulse Response, Arbitrary , full adaptive and single input adaptive filters

Musical effects

Plucked string, Echo, Reverb, Flange, Chorus, Vibrato, Distortion

Signal synthesis

Multi tone sine wave, Noise generation, Frequency shaping


64 to 32768

Data set manipulation

Hilbert transform (quadrature)


Frequency shifting


Up and down sampling, baseband sampling

Signal Processing

signal addition, subtraction and modulation, gain, root, square, half wave and full wave rectification, signal delay


Please see the following link or download the software from our separate Downloads section.



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