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Spectrum analysis     |     Case Study

The real time audio spectrum analyser and waveform capture utility in Signal Wizard 2.5 is simple to use yet powerful. Its features include the following:


 24 bit


 Single and dual


 4 to 48 kHz

Record lengths

 128 - 4096 points

Window type

 Bartlett, Blackman, Hamming, Hanning and rectangular


 Linear/ log x and y axis selectable


 audio signal analysis, vibration analysis, noise characterisation

Echo of the Big Bang! An audio representation of the big bang was generated by shifting the frequency distribution of the Cosmic Microwave Background into the audible range, then using this to digitally filter white noise. The result resembles the random thermal activity of the CMB and certainly sounds like a ghostly echo of the Big Bang.

Case Study: Echo of the Big Bang

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Big bang echo