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Signal Wizard 2.5 is a unique, integrated system for designing, downloading and running very high performance filters and other algorithms in real-time. It includes an intuitive software system and a hardware module based on an advanced digital signal processor  that implements the desired operations. Once specified, the software downloads the configuration to the hardware module via a serial link where it is executed in real time.

The system requires no knowledge of digital signal processing (DSP) theory on the part of the user, mathematics or programming. Due to its flexibility, it is particularly well suited to the real-time processing of audio signals. High quality analogue signal conditioning and a stereo 24-bit resolution codec provide extremely high resolution. Applications include audio signal processing, inverse filtering, noise cancellation, sensor signal conditioning, spectrum analysis, sine and arbitrary function generation.



Power Supply

7.5V - 9V

Dynamic Range

2V peak to peak

Input channels


Output channels


Operating system

Windows compatibility


102mm(W) x 97mm(D) x 33mm(H)


The supporting software is available under Downloads page. For User manual and Application Notes, please see the following

Signal wizard 2.5 software setup

Signal wizard 2.5 supporting documents


Word resolution

24 bit

Sampling rates

4kHz - 48kHz (12 selectable options)


Finite Impulse response

Infinite Impulse response

Arbitrary filters (user import)

Parametric filters

Filter implementations

Low, high, band pass, notch, multiple pass, multiple stop, Butterworth, Chebyshev, analogue passive networks

Filter applications

Phase change filters

Adaptive filters for broadband or narrowband noise cancellations


Inverse or flipped filters

Filter windows

Rectangular, Bartlett, Hamming, Hanning, Blackman or Kaiser window functions

Channel delays

From 21us to 1.8 sec

Filter Design

Pole-zero plots

Coefficient exports

Filter analysis statistics

Impulse and frequency responses as magnitude, dB, square, root, real, imaginary or phase. log or linear frequency axis

Offline filtering format

WAV file

Operating mode

Standalone and PC controlled

Filter channels

8 dual channel or 16 single channel filters in non-volatile memory

Signal generator

Sine wave generator with 0.01Hz resolution

Spectrum analysis

Real time dual channel scope

Channel mixing


The setup and connectivity details are listed below

The operational specifications are listed below


If you are a customer and have any problems regarding the product, please contact us here.

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Signal Wizard 2.5

Supplied with enclosure, all cables, audio adaptors and power supply


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