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Signal Wizard 3 is a very powerful audio processor featuring multichannel synchronous tasking. It can mix, amplify, filter, delay and adjust the phase of individual input signals using the intuitive software supplied with the hardware. It features a 24-bit, 96 kHz codec with six analogue input and eight analogue output channels; it also incorporates two digital audio (S/PDIF) inputs and outputs. Like Signal Wizard 2.5, the software requires no knowledge of mathematics or programming. Applications include multichannel filtering, crossover networks, surround sound processing and beam forming. For the expert, Signal Wizard 3.0 may also be programmed via the JTAG interface in native DSP assembly code or high level languages such as C++ using third party compilers.



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Signal Wizard 3

Supplied with enclosure, USB cable and power supply


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Power Supply

7.5V - 9V

Dynamic Range

2V peak to peak

Input channels

6  analogue, 2 digital (S/PDIF)

Output channels

8 analogue, 2 digital (S/PDIF)

Operating system

Windows compatibility



The setup and connectivity details are listed below

The operational specifications are listed below

Operating mode

Standalone and PC controlled



Parallel port



Programmable using 3rd party software tools


24 bit sigma delta

Sampling rates

3kHz - 96kHz (27 selectable rates)

DSP features

Advanced DSP with coprocessor

Multichannel synchronous processing

Filter stage

Arbitrary and standard filter stage

Signal Gain and delays

Separate gain and delay stage

Channel mixing


Signal Wizard 3 includes very powerful mixer functions, in which any channel can be blended with any/all of the other channels in any proportion. The system incorporates mixer units at the input and output signal stages.

Signal Wizard 3 also uses the same filter design engine as Signal Wizard 2.5. This unique system has been developed by Signal Wizard Systems. It allows not only standard filter types to be specified, but completely arbitrary frequency responses (amplitude and phase) via text file import.

Signal wizard processing stages:

  1. Six analogue and two digital audio input channels
  2. Flexible 8 X 8 mixer unit
  3. Multichannel gain
  4. Multichannel filter/phase
  5. Multichannel delay
  6. Flexible 8 X 8 mixer unit
  7. Eight analogue and two digital audio output channels


The supporting software is available under Downloads page. For User manual and Application Notes, please see the following

Signal wizard 3 software setup

Signal wizard 3 supporting documents


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