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Vsound is a unique electronic musical device that makes an electric violin sound like an expensive acoustic version. Alternatively, it can be used with acoustic violins fitted with a pick up to blend the sound according to the players preferences. It is very intuitive to use. Plug your violin into the device, select the violin type you want and connect the output to the amplifier.

The unit has a wide range of functions selectable from the navigator switches on the top panel including pre-amplifier, multiple violin bodies, equalizer, blender and bass cut.

The software is used to download violin bodies into the unit’s flash memory. It also has a host of other functions including graphic and arbitrary equalizers. The default impulse responses stored in vSound unit (provided with purchase of the unit) have been carefully measured under controlled conditions by Signal Wizard Systems and Johannsson Violins.

The fully functional software is available as a free download.



Power Supply

7.5V - 9V

Dynamic Range

2V peak to peak

Input channels

Line-in Phono socket

Output channels

Line-out for 1/4 inch Phono socket

Direct headphone output

Operating system

Windows compatibility


20cm (D) x 4cm (H)

The setup and connectivity details are listed below

The operational specifications are listed below

Operating mode

Standalone and PC controlled

Navigator controls



2 rows x 16 alphanumeric letters

LCD screen size

6.5 cm x 1.5 cm




Programmable by free vSound software


24 bit sigma delta


0 / 20 dB in-built high impedance preamplifier for direct connection to pickup

Memory for instruments

16 customized violin responses on purchase

Programmable memory for more responses


Arbitrary and graphical equalizer

Signal Gain (Volume control)

+/- 20 dB in 4 dB steps

Digital blender

Wet / dry blending

In/Out sockets

Phono sockets

Line out headphone for silent practice

The software comes free with the hardware and can be downloaded from our Downloads page. It is a powerful tool for all possible adaptability of vSound suitable to customers needs.


The supporting software for vSound is free for customers. This will soon be followed by  a selection of various violin responses that can be purchased and downloaded into vSound unit. For software, please click here

Below are some results of how vSound can process the electric violin (or acoustic violin with a pickup) in Real time and offline. The output of electric violin passes through vSound that has impulse response of an expensive Acoustic violin loaded on it. Vsound’s processors generates a rich acoustic violin sound. The output can be equalized or generated using other impulse responses to create different effects.


If you are unable to find what you are looking for in the Help content of software, please contact us here


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Supplied with USB cable, connection instructions and UK plug power supply

Software: Free to download


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Sample 1 : Raw electric violin vs Processed electric violin

Comparison of different acoustic violin effects (all at 48kHz)

Electric violin recording

Electric violin processed with Guarneri del Gesu impulse response

Electric violin processed with Stradivarius impulse response

Electric violin processed with Johannsson violins impulse response

Electric violin processed with student violin impulse response

Please use full frequency range headphones or loudspeakers.

What's new

Based on our sales of vSound and the feedback of our loyal customers, we have learned a lot about musicians’ needs surrounding this application. We are pleased to announce that the next version of vSound is under development now. It will have hardware and software features that will improve your experience of using vSound. It will be released before June 2017 and we will be informing you of its updates here.

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